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Saturday, April 6, 2013: A Posting from Our Facebook Page by a Loyal Customer:
"Cafe Zazzle offers some of the freshest and tastiest food selections in Petaluma...or in California for that matter. A great downtown location on charming Kentucky Street in the historic rivertown of Petaluma combined with comfortable seating, a window bar if you like to people watch while eating, a staff who make you feel comfortable and looked after and a menu with a wide range of dishes...all unique and all wonderfully prepared make Cafe Zazzle the go-to spot whenever someone asks for a place to eat in Petaluma. This is informal dining offering light dishes, great teas, great prices and a friendly atmosphere." 
Thanks Scott!  We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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little treasure  5 of 5 stars Reviewed April 12, 2012

The menu offerings are eclectic and there is surely something everyone, vegan or not, to enjoy. It's a wonderful place for a leisurely lunch.

A quick get away...  5 of 5 stars Reviewed March 13, 2012

We were looking for something not a burger... Cafe Zazzle was it. The service was spot on and the food delicious. We started with the lettuce wraps and then had the most amazing coleslaw and wraps. The sauce on the coleslaw was tasty to the point we didn't want to put the fork down....keep in mind you want Key Lime pie for dessert...oh my!

Great! 4 of 5 stars Reviewed January 30, 2012

Try their Key Lime Pie! And then order your meal. Everything on the menu is different and delicious!

Great value, friendly atmosphere 4 of 5 stars Reviewed September 6, 2011

We went for lunch, our second visit, and were not disappointed.
Food is mainly soup,salad , taco-style , and Thai-curry ranging in cost from about $11.50 to $13.50. The plates are large and for us a split plate was more than enough. We also split a key lime pie desert, which , to our taste, was quite authentic , not the usual sweet-bomb often served. deserts were $6.
Service was friendly and efficient.
Since our last visit they had installed architectural sound-muffling boards hanging from the high ceiling in an artistic fashion....these proved to be rather effective.

Edamame and Coleslaw 4 of 5 stars Reviewed May 6, 2011

Cafe Zazzle is a great place for a pretty casual meal with an eclectic menu. I haven't had too many items on the menu, but what I have had I have enjoyed. I almost always order their edamame, which is served in a bowl of a really good garlicky sweet teriyaki sauce. I also like to order their Thai Peanut noodle dish (besides being tasty it will also fill you up). I usually always avoid cole slaw, but they have really good cole slaw at this place. Their wraps are good, but I usually don't like getting wraps because they don't fill me up, and these are no different. I'm usually not a fan of key lime pie either, but it is really good here. Good place for vegetarians...though I am not, nor do I ever plan to be one.

Food to die for 5 of 5 stars Reviewed February 26, 2011

We just had dinner at Zazzle tonight. They had chicken parmesan with grilled polenta as a special. It was incredible. We always enjoy a meal at Zazzle. They always serve wonderful food, especially daily specials featuring local produce, meats and fish that are in season.

Our HomeTown Fave...  5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 21, 2010

Zazzle Always Pleases Us. "P-Town" has a plethora of great places to eat, but Zazzle is our consistent favorite. If the tri-tip and gorganzola wrap were a regular menu item, I'd probably be there every damn day!

great place! 5 of 5 stars Reviewed May 7, 2009

Had lunch here today and the food and service were both fantastic. Most of the menu items sounded delicious and so asked the waiter for recommendations. My friend had the grilled fish tacos which were delicious, and I had the tri-tip beef and gorgonzola spinach wrap which was also amazing. we ended lunch by splitting a piece of the Zazzle chocolate cake which was huge and perfect for sharing. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to others!

YUM! The fish tacos are...  4 of 5 stars Reviewed January 3, 2009

YUM! The fish tacos are worth a trip to this little place. Great for lunch.

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Lori E. | insider Insider | Rank: 29,302
Food is super fresh and tasty. They use tons of veggies and have great seasoning so you feel like you're eating healthfully, but it tastes really good too. Service was outstanding.

Love Zazzle!

Kim D. | insider_expert Insider Expert | Rank: 9,141
Try their Fish tacos or their Santa Fe wraps they are yummy. Service is good. They are great with kids. The restaurant is very cute. Their coleslaw that accompanies their meals is fantastic too.

Lip smackin' good

Aren A. | insider_guru Insider Guru | Rank: 1,896
Zazzle is a cozy little restaurant with a menu heavily focused on heart-healthy, all-natural dishes. They offer lots of vegetarian entrees and are very willing to customize any selection to satisfy your tastes. Real friendly staff and owner(s) in the kitchen.

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Melissa K. - Rohnert Park, CA 5.0 star rating 4/29/2012

Amazing! I was told years ago over & over again to go here by a co-worker. I missed out all those years and am just catching up now!
Super fresh! Every signal ingredient is of the highest quality. Amazing sauces, aiolis,  chutneys, salsas and slaw's to top off the already amazing creations.
Try the NOODLES IN BROTH:SPICY COCONUT CHICKEN SOUP!!! You may not try anything else after, but you should....(& I am NOT a soup person). Big portions, they will gladly split orders if you want to share or try multiples.
A little tip, go during the week, weekends are way busy & the attention to the your meal is just a smudge better then on weekends.
Good for a date night!


Dhi B. - Yorba Linda, CA 4.0 star rating 3/27/2012 2 Check-ins Here

I travel to Petaluma for work and was told to go to a restaurant in the historic part of Downtown Petaluma.  However, by the time I got to that location, it was closed.  So not knowing the area, I yelped for nearby eateries and Cafe Zazzle popped up.  OMG, everything was delish!!!  When I travel I anticipate eating fast food or lots of fried, carb loaded junk.  BUT this place is a South Beach Dieter's Dream!!!!

I had the chicken curry apricot wrap and the zazzle slaw.  The yelpers were right, the zazzle saw was to die for.  I usually don't like fruits in my dishes, but it was hardly noticeable in the chicken wrap, it added a slightly sweet flavor.  I would definitely come back to try their other healthy options when I come back to Petaluma.

The service was excellent as well!


John S. - Bodega Bay, CA 5.0 star rating 3/9/2012

This is Petaluma's hidden gem. It's on Kentucky right across from Copperfields.

The menu is delicious and affordable. The chef has a real gift for blending cross cultural things (most notably Asian, Italian and Mexican) into the kinds of things you can't find anywhere else.

I am particularly fond of the spicy chicked soup which is a coconut milk and chicken broth based fiery wonder. I always get it noodle free but the menu version comes with noodles, chicken, shitake mushrooms and snow pea pods.

I've been going there routinely for years and am just getting around to this review.

Thiks to try: Zazzle Slaw (which has an interesting sesame twist), Pasta Del Norte, the TriTip Salad and any of the amazing wraps/


Robin P. - Petaluma, CA 5.0 star rating 4/29/2012

We love Zazzle. The wraps are outstanding. We love the apricot curry and Santa Fe wraps. We love the Southwest salad, berry cobbler. The service is sterling, warm, helpful; they treat you like you're their only customer. Very affordable, too!


PAMELA W. - Dillon Beach, CA 5.0 star rating 1/30/2012

A friend took me here on Sunday, she had been one other time and loved it!  (Her Yelp is on here somewhere).  Love love love this place!  I had the beef wrap and it comes with the most amazing slaw salad.  I could eat a plate of it by itself!

Can not wait to bring my friends too.  So glad its open Sundays too- so many Petaluma cafes are not and they are missing out on the tourist trade!

Thanks Zazzle... I am dazzled!

Toni M. - Petaluma, CA 5.0 star rating 12/28/2011

We ate here years ago for a birthday and remember it being very good. Were able to visit again while holiday shopping.
We had the Beef Fajitas & Noodles and Baja Norte with Chicken!! DELICIOUS!!
Can't wait to go back.

Super service and clean comfortable rest.  Highly recommend.

Eric L. - Novato, CA 4.0 star rating 9/17/2011 1 photo 2 Check-ins Here ROTD 11/19/2011

One of my go-to favorite places to go to in Petaluma.  They have an interesting Asian fusion thing going on here that I like.  They've got a bunch of interesting wraps that I haven't tried yet.  

My "usual" order here is the beef fajitas with noodles.  The trip-tip beef is seasoned in a Mexican fajita style and stir fry it with udon noodles, bell peppers, and mushrooms.  The portions are pretty generous, if you don't come here hungry, you'll probably need to take some food to go.

Really legit place, I like it.


Amanda B. - Santa Rosa, CA 5.0 star rating 11/20/2011

I love love love this restaurant.  
I have been here several times, but this is my first review.  The staff is lovely, although, sometimes this place gets really busy, and they are understaffed.  But today, I went here for lunch with a couple friends, and this didn't seem to be an issue at all.
I ordered the Coconut Curry Soup (sorry cannot remember the exact name).  It was de-lish!  In fact, I'm eating the leftovers right now that I had for lunch today :)

Cafe Zazzle also offers gluten free options in their noodle dishes -- without disrespect because one of their customers has a gluten allergy.  Although my gluten intolerance is mild, they were still concerned enough to ask if I had a sensitivity severe enough that cross-contamination would be an issue (I don't -- but thanks for asking!)

I have recommended many of my friends to this place, and have brought them here with me as well!

Sally P. - Winters, CA 5.0 star rating 1/30/2012

Just right!  I have been in twice, once on a Saturday (very crowded), and once on a Sunday.  I had the chicken with apricot curry wrap, but asked them to change the wrap from sun dried tomato to spinach tortilla!  It is soooo good, just a delight.  And the slaw is super too!  Nice welcome, nice service, great food.  I'll go back!

Ramon H. - Petaluma, CA 5.0 star rating 2/4/2012

I've eaten here many, many times and continue to crave the food.  The terms "California Cuisine" and "East-West Fusion" may be overused or mis-used, but Zazzle should have trademarked them!  Here are my big 3:  Lettuce wraps (spicy grilled chicken, coconut, peanuts, with lettuce leaves); they're light, refreshing, flavorful.  Fish tacos (grilled not fried fish!  Comes with aioli and freshly made salsa).  Chicken Coconut Noodles in Broth (big pieces of white meat chicken in the richest spicy broth with snow peas, rice noodles--I think this dish might be gluten free?).  Keep in mind that a lot of their dishes are hot-spicy; ask the server if you don't like heat.  To me, it's heat done well; it warms you the core!

Ashley L. - Santa Cruz, CA 4.0 star rating 4/24/2011 1 Check-in Here

Came here on again, another yelp search for food! Given all the amazing things said about the apricot curry wrap, I decided to order that. It was good as everyone says, and the dipping sauce was fantastic! Really made the wrap. Also the coleslaw side was probably the best I have ever had. My boyfriend who hates mayonnaise even liked it, which was a good sign! I wish I could have eaten a vat of that coleslaw.
The boyfriend had the BBQ beef wrap. It had some jalapenos in it with such a good BBQ sauce. The beef was tender and so yummy. To top things off, our super friendly waiter made me a chocolate coke! They had vanilla coke on the menu but not chocolate. I asked him to make me one and he did. Making the customer happy is what it's all about! I'll go back again because it's fun to walk around downtown Petaluma after consuming such yummy food!

Ali R. - San Francisco, CA 5.0 star rating 1/26/2011

The apricot curry wrap is one of the most amazing things in the whole wide world. Seriously. It's sweet and tangy and the chicken is grilled to perfection, it has a nice bit of grilled edges but still moist and delicious. The tomato tortilla is so doughy and provides the perfect texture and flavor to accompany the lettuce, chicken, small amount of cheese, and dressing. 

But, do you want to know my FAVORITE thing about this place? They take your food allergies, vegetarianism, etc. VERY SERIOUSLY. On their menu they make it very clear that if you have any food issues to let them know and they will be HAPPY to make any changes for you. Having a food allergy I really appreciate it when a kitchen takes the time and effort to look out for my health. 

Emily L. - Petaluma, CA 5.0 star rating 8/1/2011

If you are looking for a place to eat that is warm and welcoming, casual, family friendly, fresh and healthy as well as different with unique flavor combinations, try Cafe Zazzle!

Their prices are very good, especially for the quality, and the food is always so fresh and clean feeling, though still satisfying in all of the melted cheese / creamy sauce / huge flavor way.

They do not seem to have a deep fryer and do not make anything greasy and diner-ish, but if you are looking to relax and eat healthy food with a lot of flavor without spending a fortune - try zazzle!

Heather H. - Petaluma, CA 5.0 star rating 10/28/2011

I have always wanted to try this place!  After living here for over 4 years, I stopped in.  I looked over the menu and thought, "Wow!  Where do I start?"  After wandering through the restaurant (ogling every plate along the way), I came to the conclusion that I would try the tacos.  I had 1 fish and 1 chicken and OMG!  It was so good!!  Fish cooked to perfection and the chicken was moist and yummy.

I went back this week with my mom and aunt and we tried the special - Coconut TIlapia and Prawns and shared a Tara's Salad and both dishes were equally as amazing.  The best part for me was that I had salad leftovers and it was still delicious the next day!
I will become a regular here.  With a ton of wraps to try and a great hot tea list, I can't wait for my next visit to Cafe Zazzle!

Shana F. - Santa Rosa, CA 5.0 star rating Updated - 8/28/2010

I was in Petaluma the other night and was starving.  I decided Cafe Zazzle deserved a second try.  I am so glad we made the choice to go here.

I ordered the fish tacos.  The fish was blackened to perfection with amazingly fresh and perfectly ripe avocado.  There was so much food!  I ate half and took the rest for lunch the next day!  Not bad at all for $11.00

My boyfriend ordered the green curry chicken noodles.  They were delightfully spicy and the sauce was perfect.  Probably one of the reasons I was so full was I kept stealing bites off his plate.  Despite our best efforts, more than half remained on his plate.  It was an enormous quantity of food!

Cafe Zazzle is now my go-to place for lunch or dinner in Petaluma.  I am SO looking forward to my next meal.

Hugh H. - San Rafael, CA 4.0 star rating 7/8/2009 ROTD 11/5/2009

Put on a helmet because this place is going to blow your mind.  Alright after you jam your brains back into your ears dive into the awesome menu that's put out by the chefs at cafe zazzle.

The staff is always super friendly and attentive, not that I really have a chance to notice because I'm usually far too busy figuring out how in the hell I'm going to finish the gigantic portion of food put in front of me.

Although you may be tempted it's probably not in your best interest to eat here before going to the colorful bars in downtown Petaluma as you simply will not have any room left for drinks.

Zazzle may be last in the alphabet but it is first in my heart.

Luke S. - Napa, CA 5.0 star rating 11/3/2008

This place is our favorite Petaluma restaurant.
We liked it so much, we rented out the place for our wedding reception (just 30 people).  

These guys know what a vegan is, and they make the most scrumptious alternatives for them.    The vegan coleslaw has always passed my lips when I've gone in, and is always awesome.  
I also love these guys for their diverse menu.   Whether you're feeling Thai or Mexican, Seafood or wish to make little somethin' somethin' mix of all three, these people know how to do it and present it right.
Most importantly, this restaurant does a great job at preparing each meal for the sake of doing a great job. 

When each plate I've seen (and I've probably eaten there 15-20 times) has come to my eyes, it is evident that they put a lot of love into each preparation and presentation.
Zazzle is a little place in the world that has many people intent on making your experience awesome.

Alexys P. - Glen Ellen, CA 5.0 star rating 9/13/2009

This place was bomb! Stepped in for a saturday lunch before shopping, between the four of us we ordered

tara's salad (i think!), apricot curry chicken wrap, chicken fresco wrap, miso soup & prawn quesadilla .
i tasted everything but the salad and it was all good. blood orange italian soda was fantastic as well. service is good and i like the location. I'll def. be going back.


Mark H. - Atherton, CA 4.0 star rating 7/25/2011

We'll definitely be back! The miso soup's good, the veggie noodle broth bowl is tasty and filling and huge. The service was friendly and welcoming. Casual neighborhood ambience, great for lunch.

David O. - San Francisco, CA 5.0 star rating 7/13/2011 2 Check-ins Here

This is my favorite restaurant in Petaluma.  I often ended up going there 3 times a week.  I am sure that I have tried everything on the menu.  My favorite one is 2 fish tacos.  They are so good!!  Friendly Service!! If you have not visited Petaluma for a long time, please try this restaurant!  You will love it!

Heather J. - Petaluma, CA

Just got back from a week-long out of state trip. I missed CA...I wanted good food again. So my first day back, I went to Zazzle.

I wanted fresh, tasty food with lots of options for my pescetarian self. tacos. SO good! The corn tortillas are excellent---as are all other iingredients.

I also love the southwest salad with tofu. One of my favorite dishes anywhere. The dressing is so freaking good.

The service here is also excellent.
Thanks, Zazzle!!!!

Diane D.- Petaluma, CA 5.0 star rating 6/15/2011 2 Check-ins Here

Great service!  Great food!  We had the lunch special: small salad with the miso dressing that I love and a shitake mushroom quesadilla!  It was so darn good!  This has been my go-to place for many years!  They treat you right!  No request denied!  Zazzle, you are loved!

Mary C. - Portland, OR 5.0 star rating 4/5/2009

I will agree with the generally outstanding reviews.  Had the Spinach Salad which was delightfully spicy thanks to the chipotle dressing.  My co-diner had the Mediterranean wrap and seemed pleased.  I can't seem to remember what beer I ordered but they did have a good bottled selection and I do remember the great wait staff who didn't balk when they had to come by three times before we were ready to order :).

Vegan Report: there are a few items on the menu under the noodles and pasta section labeled "vegan", but i'm fairly certain that my salad was also vegan as are a few other menu items...maybe i'll inquire next visit.

kristina c. - Penngrove, CA 5.0 star rating 2/10/2009

ohhh zazzle. I LOVE THIS PLACE! so not only is the food amazing, but the staff is GREAT!
my parents own a restaurant and on a day off my sister, mom and i went to zazzle. I had the chicken fresca wrap with a side of zazzle slaw!! this was fantastic!!!! there was so much flavor! the cole slaw is amazing. i cant even describe it, but i crave it about 4 times a week!

on my last visit zazzle was PACKED! the staff was friendly and service was great! I felt like i was at home at our own restaurant when a man decided to complain about his food. completely off base. he was a jerk and everyone was so nice to him. the chef even came out to listen to some 'pointers' the man had for his dishes. its was amazing!

its so nice to see a restaurant with great food do so well with this crappy economy. i cant wait for next monday so i can go back!

Ocie W. - Sonoma, CA 5.0 star rating 2/5/2010

I eat at Zazzle more than any other restaurant in Petaluma. Lots of variety, great taste, and reasonable prices. The fish tacos are the best I have ever had. I used to live in San Diego, the fish taco capital of the US and I have been on a fish taco hunt for the last several years. I have yet to find better fish tacos anywhere. Anywhere!  The wraps are all excellent too!


Following are from the Bohemian

First Bite - Cafe Zazzle
By Jonah Raskin

Bohemian readers have already voted Cafe Zazzle the best new restaurant of the year in our annual readers poll, and now that I've eaten there I can understand why. Owners Rick and Tara Williams have created a new, different and totally fun place to eat. Located in Petaluma, everything about the place is colorful, especially the food, which is prepared Japanese-, Mexican-, Thai- and Italian-style. The innovative combinations give this place real razzle-dazzle. Indeed, Zazzle features fusion cooking without the confusion often associated with fusion, and eclectic tastes without being hectic. 

Rick and Tara wanted a restaurant that would be playful, and they've succeeded in more ways than one, from the name to the menu that proclaims, "Eat This!" Of course, I wanted to eat everything. I started with the smoky miso soup ($3.50), which came steaming hot with bite-sized tofu. Then I changed culinary gears and had the quesadilla ($8.95), made with jack cheese, and a crunchy coleslaw and spicy salsa on the side. The lettuce wrap ($8.95), made with finely chopped grilled chicken, peanuts and toasted coconut, arrived with a delicious dipping sauce that perked up my taste buds. The fish taco ($7.50) didn't need the cheese on top, and the rice had dried out, but the black beans were extraordinary good--perhaps the best black beans I've ever had.

I can also recommend the hearty, delicious portobello mushroom wrap ($9) that came with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip, as well as the "Too Much Funn" ($8.25), a large bowl of soup with snow peas, broad noodles and delicious homemade wontons. For dessert, I enjoyed the Key lime pie, made with genuine Key lime juice from Florida.

At Zazzle, everything is fresh, and everything looks attractive and inviting. Chef Rick Williams has been in the restaurant business for more than 30 years, and he's learned to enjoy cooking and to prepare the kind of food he and his wife Tara like to eat. "California has so many different cultures and so many different kinds of food," he says. "I wanted Zazzle to reflect that diversity, without copying or adhering to tradition."

Despite its legendary innovation, California cooking can be awfully routine and predictable. Rick and Tara Williams deserve credit for breaking out of the crowd and for creating a restaurant that makes eating almost too much fun.

Cafe Zazzle, 121 Kentucky St., Petaluma. Open for lunch and dinner Tuesday-Sunday. 707.762.1700

More Customers Reviews:

Lunch Hour: Dazzling Flavor at Cafe Zazzle (Petaluma)
From Wine Country Chick
There's a special little cafe in downtown Petaluma that offers zesty flavors and plenty of punch for your palate.  Cafe Zazzle is located in the middle of the charming Kentucky Street, a location known for its great antiques and boutiques.  (See our previous post on the shopping along Kentucky Street.)  Right in the heart of the menu at Cafe Zazzle, this quote appears:  ?What is zest'  Zest is a noun and when defined as taste some synonyms are: Bite, body & charm.


IF I HAD ONE DAY… in Petaluma, California...
…eat dinner at cafe zazzle. this lil’ restaurant makes my heart sing. the atmosphere, the food, and the service are all impeccable. the menu is quite extensive with a wide range of foods from thai noodles, quesadillas, salads, to their famous wraps certain to please everyone you dine with. {my personal favorites include tara’s salad and the santa fe wrap, add chicken}. - Sunday, March 20, 2011
Lunch Date 3 - Cafe Zazzle: Eat This!
One of my favorite parts of a road trip is exploring and sampling at new restaurants and this mid-week's adventure is no different. On our way to Healdsburg, CA we made a lunch and stretch stop in Petaluma and discovered Cafe Zazzle on Kentucky Street.

Our timing seemed perfect,  just after a probable lunch rush. Where to sit?  Bright window bar, cozy table against the old brick wall or along the warm muted tangerine wall? The high ceiling is decorated with sculptural acoustical panels helping to mute noise levels bouncing off the hard surfaces of the restaurant. Painted a cool grey and in groupings, they move gracefully as they go about their business in a visually pleasing way.

I think it is fascinating how a restaurant's cultural tone sets up your experience before you even taste a bit of food. The staff at Cafe Zazzle are charmingly personable and polite, emanating genuine human warmth. Even their menu encourages patrons to speak up if they need any type of modifications to their selections.

As we sat down, both of us were ready for a cup of coffee, which was brought quickly in ample cups. The air bubbles from the pump pot dancing and popping on the surface. As I took my first sip, I was very pleasantly surprised how good it was. A rich creamy medium roast and not a bit bitter. Off to a good start we decided to share a Caesar salad and the Apricot Curry Wrap which also came with Zazzle Slaw. There was an extra charge to split our order, but the two dollars were well worth it! The Caesar was tangy and simply prepared, croutons house made with a nice crunch, fresh Parmesan grated on top. The Apricot Curry Wrap built in a tomato tortilla had a lovely subtly sweet spice flavor combination of the apricot curry aioli, marinated chicken and mixed greens. The Zazzle Slaw was amazingly fresh and hit all the right notes of crisp and tangy. Definitely not your standard mayonnaise dressing and soggy deli slaw for this cafe.

As we prepared to leave we had an opportunity to chat a minute with the chef as he took his well deserved lunch break. His demeanor affable, relaxed and comfortable. Setting the tone that is just right for this downtown treasure.


121 Kentucky St
Petaluma, CA 94952

(707) 762-1700


Tues-Sat: 11am-9pm

Price Range:$8-14
Credit Cards:Visa & MC
Attire: Casual
Good for Kids:Yes
Takes Reservations:No
Waiter Service:Yes
Good For:Lunch, Dinner
Alcohol:Beer & Wine
Wheelchair Accessible:Yes


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